Apricot, Perfection


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Bare Root Size:  18 – 24″

Perfection Apricot is a very productive and hardy tree and one of the finest of the commercial apricots. Fruit is very large with bright orange-yellow skin and flesh and performs very well in areas where late spring frosts are a problem. It is larger than most varieties. It has a bright orange skin that may range from firm to soft, but may become much softer. It is also freestone, which means that it is easy to separate the flesh from the stone.

The Perfection apricot tree is fairly small in comparison to most varieties. Reaching about eight feet at full maturity, the tree blooms with beautiful pink blossoms in March. It will not produce fruit until much later in the season, usually in August.

The tree is highly resistant to cold and is not prone to pests or diseases. For this and many other reasons, it is prized by home growers, especially those in cooler climates.

Requires cross pollination.

USDA Zone: 4 – 9