Persimmon (Japanese), Jiro


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Bare Root Size: 18 – 24″

One of the finest non-astringent Asian cultivars. Large, non-puckery, firm fruit, featuring fiery orange-red color (with fall foliage to match), and a sweet, mild flavor due to the low tannins. Rich in vitamins A and C, and full of anti-oxidants. A very popular persimmon for fresh eating or in cooked dishes, both sweet and savory. The tree itself is easy to maintain, with only light annual pruning required. The wood is extremely hard and is prized amongst woodcarvers. Keeps 1-2 months in refrigeration. Ripens in mid-to-late October and is somewhat cold-hardy. Grafted. Self-pollinating, but will produce more/larger fruit with a Maekawa Jiro nearby.