Blueberry, Pink Lemonade Dwarf (Rabbiteye)


Bare Root Size: 24 – 30″

Details: Pink Lemonade producers a pink berry when ripe making it stand out on a plate. The berries are tart and delicious. Ripens in mid to late season.

Pollination: Self-pollinating

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Bare Root Size: 24 – 30″

Pink Lemonade Blueberry offers four seasons of color and sweet edible berries that you guessed it…are pink instead of blue! The pinkish-white showy spring flowers are bell-shaped and followed by the vibrant pink berries. Leaves are glossy green and lanceolate. Leaf surface texture is smooth, very similar to that of Vaccinium ashei. In fall, the leaves turn golden yellow, then bright orange. Wintertime twigs are dusky reddish-brown.

The ideal adaption of ‘Pink Lemonade’ is not fully known at this time, but its background suggests it performs well or better in milder climates, including areas where rabbiteye blueberry cultivars can be grown. It ripens mid-late to late-season, with good yields of firm, medium-sized, glossy, bright pink fruits that have a mild and sweet pleasant flavor.  Self-pollinating.