Refunds & Return Policy

Our mission is to bring affordable bare-root plants to the people! Due to the nature of our annual direct sales approach, we cannot offer returns. Refunds may be considered on a case-by case business, but our customers are responsible for the care of their own plants once they pick up their plants. We STRONGLY recommend potting the bare-root plants in an appropriately sized container with well drained potting mix for a period of a few weeks to a month or so before planting in the ground.

Customers are responsible for picking up their plants during the hours of the pre-order pickup days. We do not have the personnel or the time to hold plants or make ourselves available to hold plants for pickup outside of this time frame. Please review the dates of the pre-order pickup days and make sure that you or your representative will be able to show up and retrieve your plants on one of those 2 days!

IF YOU CANNOT PICK-UP on Thursday 2/29 or Friday 3/1, we can hold your order to be picked up at the general sale Saturday 3/2 for a fee of $10. We must be notified by 2/27 in order to hold orders. Any requests made after this date are not guaranteed. For this reason, we strongly suggest just picking up your order on either of the 2 pre-order pickup days, THANKS!!!

Plants for Everyone weekend is the best weekend of the year, but we are beyond busy for the 2 weeks leading up to the sale, and we appreciate you understanding that order pickup logistics beyond our scheduled hours is not possible.