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Bare Root Size: 2 – 3′

Hazelnuts are deciduous multi-stemmed shrubs/small trees with dark green leaves that form a rounded thicket. In spring, male flowers appear in showy, 2-3 in. long, yellow catkins and female flowers develop as small, reddish, inconspicuous catkins. In July, female flowers mature into egg-shaped, 1/2 in. long, edible nuts which are encased in husk-like bracts. Fall color varies from combinations of orange, rose, purplish red, yellow and green to dull yellowish green. They are delicious!

These young trees are produced in the Asheville area by a local grower. They are a mix of select American, hybrid, and disease resistant European varieties. This helps to randomize the hazels for increased chance of pollination. Plant several for good pollination and fruit set.