Peach, Standard Belle of Georgia


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Sweet, juicy, and colorful—the Belle of Georgia Peach is as gorgeous as its name implies. This flavorful fruit will enhance your yard’s appeal as much as it dazzles your taste buds.

The Belle’s peaches are known for being larger and sweeter than average. When they ripen in late August, their supple skin will turn an orange cream, brightening your landscape before gracing your plate.

Besides its plentiful fruit, the Belle of Georgia Peach Tree grows with a neat, rounded crown and dark green leaves that turn deep yellow in fall. In spring, you’ll enjoy the Belle’s showy, fragrant pink flowers that will give way to a delectable harvest in early fall.

Can them, bake them, or eat them as a snack. Your Belle of Georgia Peaches can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes. Plus, the tree is self-pollinating so you don’t need a second tree to deliver delicious fruit (although planting additional trees will increase your yield).

Get huge, juicy peaches, lovely fall color, and bright springtime blooms with the Belle of Georgia Peach. Order yours today!