Plumcot Standard, Spring Satin


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Bare Root Size: 3 – 4′

Apricot meets plum. This unique cross produces plumcots with red-black skin and golden-red flesh that is very sweet: 33% sugar. Fruit is larger and firmer than other varieties of its kind. Tree is vigorous and productive. Grows well in the humid climate of the Southeast. Clingstone. Originates from Byron, Georgia and introduced in 2002. Ripens in early July. Pollinator required: Choose any other Japanese plum.

The fruit has a smooth, satin surface that lacks the pronounced ‘fuzz’ of an apricot, but is not as shiny as a plum. It is dark red to near black, with a moderate blue-white ‘bloom’ on the surface, and looks, well, good enough to eat. The flesh is golden yellow, turning redder when it is fully ripe.

USDA Zone 6 – 9

700 Chill hours