Apple Standard, Pink Lady


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Bare Root Size: 18 – 24″

You may have sometimes seen another variety called Cripps Pink in the shops and noticed the similarity … it is actually the same variety.  Pink Lady® is a trademark, the actual variety name is Cripps Pink. Cripps Pink was developed in the 1970s by John Cripps in Western Australia, and is a cross between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams. Pink Lady® requires a very long growing period and a hot climate, and hence is only grown in the warmer apple-growing regions. This sweet-tart apple has high sugars and high acids with a crisp bite and effervescent finish. It tends to fall more towards the tart side than sweet but is oh so refreshing! It has a beautiful, bright white flesh that is slow to oxidize (in other words, slow to brown). They store very well.

Cross-pollination by a different variety is key to its growing and bearing success. Plant one of these varieties within 50′ for best pollination.

USDA Zone 5 – 8