Paw Paw, Standard


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Details: Paw Paw produces the largest edible fruit native to the east coast. Paw Paws are an under-story tree and require some shade protection to survive to adulthood. Our plants are seed grown, so each is genetically diverse. They will pollinate each other, if you buy two or more.

Pawpaws should be planted in groups with at least two different cultivars. Flowers are borne on previous year’s wood and will bloom mid-spring. The flowers are deep maroon or purple in color and have an unpleasant odor. In contrast, ripening fruit fill the air with a lovely aroma. In the fall, pawpaw leaves turn golden yellow and do not drop quickly, so they have the potential to provide lasting color in the fall landscape.

Pollination: Two different genetic varieties are required for pollination.

Bare Root Size: 18″