Pear Standard, Moonglow


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Bare Root Size: 2 – 3′

The Moonglow Pear tree is a fruiting tree that grows to heights of 18-20′ with spreads up to 12-13′. This large blushed fruit is soft and juicy without being mushy. Often compared to Bartlett. Moonglow Pear is an upright vigorous tree with large fruit that stores well. This tree produces fruit that when ripe, develops a creamy, white glow on the skin. The tree is blight resistant and will bear fruit for years.

Plant in loamy, moist, but well drained soils. Moonglow Pears develop better with the presence of other pear trees. Bartlett is an excellent choice. Ripens in early August. Requires 500 chill hours.

USDA Zone 5 – 8